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Adult Slow Pitch

Troy Stowell

USA Softball Player Rep

Phone: 517-202-0316

Jesse Stewart

USA Softball of Michigan Player Rep

Phone: 989-837-6930

COVID - 19 Updates - Men's Slow Pitch - As of June 12, 2020

Listed below are updates to all of the options we offer. Please be mindful that though these events are scheduled for now, any changes/guidelines from the state, county and/or local level may deter these events from taking place. Also, be prepared for a variety of on-site parameters that will need to be followed including bat testing procedures, spectator requirements, additional check-in procedures, and more. Those details will be shared the closer we get to the tournament dates. For now, here are the updated tournament schedules...

Men’s, Women's, & Coed Slow Pitch Qualifiers & State Finals

Qualifier Tournament Entry & Roster Deadlines

  • Class D & F in Muskegon and Class E in Grand Rapids on June 27
    • Tournament Entry Deadline and Roster Changes are due by Friday, June 19 by 5pm
  • Class D in Davison on July 11
    • Tournament Entry Deadline and Roster Changes are due by Friday, July 3, by 5pm
    • Class D rosters are frozen on July 3
  • Class E in Potterville on July 18
    • Tournament Entry Deadline and Roster Changes are due by Friday, July 10, by 5pm
    • Class E rosters are frozen on July 10
  • Class F in Sturgis on July 25
    • Tournament Entry Deadline and Roster Changes are due by Friday, July 17, by 5pm
    • Class F rosters are frozen on July 17


  • Men's Class D Championship
    • State Championship on July 25 & 26 (if needed) in Muskegon
  • Men's Class E Championship
    • State Championship on August 1 & 2 (if needed) in Davison
  • Men's Class F Championship
    • State Championship on August 8 & 9 (if needed) in Grand Rapids
  • Women's
    • Qualifier #1 on July 11 & 12 (if needed) in Davison
    • Qualifier #2 on July 25 & 26 (if needed) in Muskegon
    • State Championship on August 15 & 16 (if needed) in Muskegon
  • Men's 35 & Over/Men's 50 & Over
    • August 15 & 16 (if needed) in Muskegon
  • Coed
    • East State Championship on August 22 & 23 (if needed) in Davison
    • West State Championship on August 22 & 23 (if needed) in Muskegon
  • Men's Slow Pitch Roster Deadlines
    • Any roster changes need to be done through the state office ( by the following dates...
      • Class D (July 3), Class E (July 10), Class F (July 17)
  • Requirements/Awards for Men's & Power Series
    • Teams that want to participate in their respective state final must play in one of the qualifiers that is offered or consult with their respective district commissioner on available district berths
    • Teams that play in one qualifier earn an unpaid berth to their respective state final
    • Each qualifier & state tournament winner will receive a team and individual awards. After each respective state tournament concludes, each respective Points Leader will receive a team and individual awards, also. Specific prizes to be determined
  • Coed & Women's Rosters
    • We are in the midst of considering changes for the roster process for Coed & Women's teams. We will make some decisions on that by the end of next week
  • Miscellaneous
    • The State Games options for Men's play are already listed on and be signed up for. The rest will be ready by the end of next week. All fees remain the same

USA Softball National Tournaments

  • Class D in Grand Rapids, September 4-6 - On as scheduled
  • Class E in Evansville (IN), September 4-7 - On as scheduled

Adult Team Registrations

  • All late fees are waived for 2020

Adult Slow Pitch Tournament Programs

USA Softball of Michigan offers Slow Pitch tournament options for Men's Slow Pitch, Women's Slow Pitch, Coed Slow Pitch (5/5), Men's Masters (35 & Over) and Men's Seniors (50+)

For 2020, be on the lookout for additional opportunities 16" Youth & Adult tournaments, Youth Slow Pitch, and Coed (featuring a 7 Men, 3 Women format)!!!

Listed Information

Use your "mouse" to hover on the "Adult" tab and wait for the drop-down box.  Once the box appears you will be able to get all of your Slow Pitch information from there including the following...

  • Team Registration
    • Proper procedures for Local & Tournament Teams
  • Roster Procedure
    • Instructions and link for Tournament Team Roster Submission
  • Slow Pitch Appeals
    • Procedures for both Michigan and USA National appeals
  • Pick-Up Players
    • Guidelines for utilizing Pick-up players
  • Men's, Women's, Coed, Men's Masters, Men's Seniors, & 16" Slow Pitch
    • Here is where you will find Tournament info, Tournament Rules, and Tournament Entry information for each respective game

Please check out the information provided and/or call us for more details.  USA Softball...THE governing body for the sport of Softball!

Men's & Women's Slow Pitch Player Classifications

Certified Equipment

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Non-Approved Bat List, 2013/2014 Bat Standards, Certified Bats & Balls