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2024 Tulip City Cup, June 28-30

2024 Tulip City Cup in Holland, MI

USA Softball of Michigan is proud to announce that the 2024 Tulip City Cup Girls' Junior Olympic Fast Pitch tournament will take place in the Tulip City on Michigan's West Coast.  Welcome to Holland!

On behalf of the Holland Township Recreation Department, the City of Holland's Recreation Department, and USA Softball of Michigan...welcome to the Tulip City for the USA Softball of Michigan's Tulip City Cup.  These tournaments will take place the weekend of June 28-30.  We are honored to have your team and family/fans join us in Holland (MI) for these prestigious events. 

The format will feature a five-game guarantee with four games of pool play that will seed teams into a single elimination bracket.  Depending on the number of teams, pool play will begin on Friday.

Once the deadline has passed, a more detailed tournament packet will be emailed to each manager with all of the details you'll need for this tournament.  For now, this page features some of the details you will need to get started to help make this the best experience possible.  Please see below for details including registration, sites, hotels, and more.  To sign up for this tournament, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Darrin Duistermars

Tournament Co-Director

Phone: 616-395-0178


We will have three available sites for this tournament including the Matt Urban Complex (City of Holland), Quincy Park (Holland Twp.), and Helder Park (Holland Twp.).  Between these three sites, we'll have eight lighted ball diamonds for our use.  If necessary, we will also have access to additional high school facilities.  For directions to these sites, please click the links listed below.

Paperwork, Check-In

Teams will need to present their the Official Roster Form at their assigned Check-In time.  The Official Player Pick Up Form can also be presented at Check-In, however, a Player Pick Up form must be signed by the commissioner or designee before being presented.  If a Pick Up Player form is needed, see the link listed below.

Coaches need to be approved by USA Softball of Michigan state staff through the RegisterUSA process.  This includes Background Check certification, SafeSport certification, Concussion certification (required in Michigan) and Picture ID.  One on-field coach must also be ACE certified.  

Players need to have Picture ID's and their parent signatures on the Official Roster Form

All teams will have assigned Check-In times once the deadline for entry has passed.  Teams will Check-In, collectively, with all players and coaches needing proper picture ID's and paperwork.

Amanda Bailey

Tournament Co-Director

Phone: 616-610-9985

Online Entry Fee & Registration

The entry fee for this tournament is $675.00.  Payment options will be online, only.  Team sanction & insurance costs are included in the entry fee.  To enter online, please see the Tourney Machine listing below.  Teams will have until Monday, June 17, at 12pm to enter this tournament using the online process.   

Bat Testing

Bat Testing will also take place at Check-In.  For Bat Testing, we are looking for and implementing the following...

  • An official ASA or USA stamp
  • Cracks or dents on the entirety of the bat
  • Shake test both straight up and turned over for wobbles, rattles, loose pieces, etc.
  • Compression Test
    • Every compliant bat will receive a sticker that is specific for said tournament
    • Each bat has a signature number that it must achieve to be compliant.  If it does not get to the required number after multiple tests, it will not pass

Please understand that we are not trying to eliminate bats.  In fact, we will do our best to get them in, if possible.  However, if you know you have bat that isn’t legal, don’t bring it.  For information on bat testing standards, click the link below.

David Schimpf


Phone: 989-274-2501

Gate Fees & Stay To Play

We are aware that some tournaments have admission or gate fees for their respective tournaments along with "stay-to-play" requirements for hotels.  The Tulip City Cup does not have those requirements.  There are no gate fees and you can stay wherever you would like.  For lodging information as well as information on Holland, see the box listed below...

Holland CVB, Tournament Apparel Orders, & Awards

The Holland Convention & Visitors Bureau will be able to help assist you with your lodging, dining, and entertainment information.  Holland has multiple hotels within the city/township boundaries, but you can also check for additional options within the Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and Saugatuck areas.  Checkout the the Holland CVB website link listed below.

With the possibility of being at multiple sites, we are looking at the option of doing online pre-tournament apparel sales.  This will include shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more.  As we get closer to the tournament, more details and the actual online store will be listed here.

Since this is the Tulip City Cup, we have to have awards featuring wooden shoes and/or Dutch-related themes and designs.  As we get closer to the tournament look for updates on what the awards will look like and other award options we may have!

Matt Urban Sports Complex

Directions & Information on the City of Holland's Matt Urban Sports Complex

Tournament Forms

Official USA Softball Forms for Rosters, Tournament Entry, and Pick Up Players

Quincy Park

Directions & Information on Holland Township's Quincy Park

Holland CVB

Official website of the Holland Convention & Visitors Bureau

Helder Park

Directions & Information on Holland Township's Helder Park

Equipment Testing Standards

Information on the USA Softball Bat testing standards for all USA certified bats